en plats under taket där det blåser/up in the attic where the wind blows chill

2020.05.29 - 2020.08.22

Kulturhuset, Hässleholm

trashbags keeping the sun out

light reflects itself in broken compact discs on the floor
eight graphite drawings on dough in a circle
held up by tent poles, carefully searching the room could reveal the leftovers of that tent
covered in hot glue are those who previously visited a completely different venue

a zombie serpent  found long ago is now curling with inscriptions elevating characteristics of someone special

wooden legs with mixed intent has surrounded a rippling tub
a dolphin shaped bottle opener made of foam resides in that tub which previously was used by humans to imitate a simple boat

one of the mentioned parts is an experienced traveler

under the light of crackers eight pieces of dough has gathered for listening, making this their third resort within a short span of time

material previously used for drying hay mixed with material sitting on a facade, both previously basking in sun

not anymore
now drawings and text coexist with them and broken crisp bread radiates the light

some of these compositions was developed inside a tent up on a hayloft, windy days the tent rattled