democlew saw hctiwdnas a

2020.05.29 - 2020.08.22

part of group show Left laundry at Schellingwouderdijk, Amsterdam, NL

trashbags covering windows keeps the sun away

light reflects itself in broken compact discs on the floor in front
eight graphite drawings on troll dough hangs in a ring made of curved tent poles carefully searching the room could reveal the leftovers of that tent
hot glue covers the drawings which previously visited a completely different venue

a zombie serpent shaped branch was found long ago
now curling with inscriptions elevating characteristics of someone special

wooden legs with mixed intent has surrounded a rippling tub
on the bottom a dolphin shaped bottle opener made of foam resides that tub has previously been used by humans to imitate a simple boat

the dolphin is an experienced traveler

in the light under hat crackers eight heads from dough with big ears has gathered to listen among the crumbs is their third resort within a short span of time

four nails and poles previously used for drying hay holds up thin beams some of which has been sitting on a red facade
drawings and mirrored text coexist between the poles
glued and broken crisp bread radiates light

some of the material in this room has been developed in a tent on top of a hay loft on windy days the tent rattled